Curved LCD Video Wall

  • Name: Curved LCD Video Wall
  • Model: EFF/CLCD

 *****System Design

LCD display with high resolution, thin thickness, light weight, low energy consumption, long life, no radiation.

LCD splicing display wall with its high brightness, high definition, the picture is exquisite, vivid images, grand and visual impact is strong, has the very good display, demonstration, advertising, publicity, can be widely used in radio and TV monitoring and display, airports, subways, information release, financial securities, according to the information the government enterprise video conference, according to the safety monitoring system, shopping malls, hotels, theaters, media advertising, exhibition display system, brand stores image shows, concerts, and many other application fields, and easy installation, without being limited by the space.
***** lcd video wall System

LCD splicing display wall system adopts super thin thickness design ,super narrow bezel frame, built-in signal processing module, external image controller and control management software, composed as a set of high brightness, high contrast, high resolution, high durability, high stability, strong signal display ability  splicing display wall system, support video, RGB, network signal in the splicing wall with single, M * N j(max10*10 )display way , PIP.Roaming image ,DP input ,HDMI input many display ways. Multi use in monitoring cent ,video meeting center ,advertising ,information republic center .
This solution adopt Samsung /LG latest Digital Information Display panel .with high brightness ,wide color area ,average brightness .brightness ≥500cd/㎡(can adjusted by setting menu)。Contract more than 3500:1,color saturation reach to 97%.Professional DID A degree panel .

1.High Resolution, high brightness, high color Saturation
Our lcd video wall system adopt advanced digital signal solver technical ,combined with latest IPS panel ,with high resolution ,high brightness ,high color saturation features.

2.widely angle

This splicing lcd unit use latest advanced lcd panel and image solve technical ,viewing angle can be 178°.

3.This LCD display unit adopts with independent intellectual property rights of built-in signal processing technology and splicing processing module, and can provide analog video, high-definition video, analog RGB and digital DVI signal access and display function, ensure that the product applications have compatibility and flexibility, without stitching controller realize M * N, support arbitrary signal window and overlap.

4,Stitching controller base on open standard  industrial computer architecture, use latest  good stability, using the latest image processing and computer integration technology, independent transmission technology, multi-channel RGB signal real-time parallel processing way , multi-channel Video signal real-time parallel processing, support the RGB and arbitrary mixed Video signal superposition, support hi

5,Adopt latest IPS panel with our hard ware splicing system ,super narrow bezel design ,with beautiful viewing effect.Any size combination ,easy to install and according to different situation use with different way .satisfy all needing .

6.LCD splicing display system can according to the requirements of different users, using the environment for the personalized design, can choose single, full screen display, any combination of features, in order to apply to a wide range of fields: such as KTV, bars, shopping malls, advertising, exhibition and product display, information release system; Video conference system; Scheduling and network management center; Public institutions scheduling monitoring center; The defence, aerospace control center; Industrial areas such as real-time monitoring system and other special occasions.

7.For IPS LCD splicing display LCD screen and the driving circuit of the LCD unit used in the discreteness of problem may come up, our IPS LCD splicing display adopt the advanced display coefficient (brightness, contrast, chromatic, white balance) automatic adjustment function, thus ensuring screen even after using for a long time, still make stability on color consistency and equability .

8.8.Splicing display using IPS LCD screen, the lamp has the service life of more than 60000 hours, image stabilization after working long hours without any change. Liquid crystal display technology no need regular replacement of consumable materials equipment, so the maintenance, the maintenance cost is very low.
9.Lcd unit thickness only 92-110mm,super thin cabinet .Save install time and easy to hang on design .

10.Customize design satisfy customer all needing 。